Reclaimed Cobbles

Reclaimed Granite Cobbles

Lifted from the streets around Paris and other European cities, reclaimed cobbles are in high demand. We’ve imported in excess of 4000 tonnes of these reclaimed granite cobbles which now grace the driveways, footpaths, patios and borders of many local properties in Jersey.

Demand is also increasing across the UK, American and Japanese markets, so the reclaimed cobbles are in short supply. Our supplier now sources from across Europe, often lifting whole streets during rejuvenation and tramway projects.

Vintage Fraser Nash on Vintage reclaimed cobbles
A vintage 1930’s Fraser Nash BMW on a vintage 200 sq metre bed of French cobbles in St Brelade. We were delighted to supply the cobbles for this prestigious residential project.

We can also supply sawn-off tops of full size cobbles for cases where there is insufficient depth for full 140mm thick cobbles. These slices have their original worn tops intact and are suitable for footpaths and patio areas with light traffic. The cut face is smooth and perfect for adhering to a concrete base using cement based mixes / bonding agents.

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