About Us

Pashley Products is a Jersey family business. We’ve been trading in Jersey for 30 years.

We supply Reclaimed Cobbles, Replica Jersey Bricks and Hardwood Railway Sleepers. We are proud of our contribution to many prestigious projects around the island, working with builders, gardening contractors and the DIY market.

You may also know us through our association with local haulage firm lightloads.je.

Reclaimed Cobbles

Reclaimed Granite Cobbles

Lifted from the streets around Paris and other European cities, reclaimed cobbles are in high demand. We’ve imported in excess of 4000 tonnes of these reclaimed granite cobbles which now grace the driveways, footpaths, patios and borders of many local properties in Jersey.

Demand is also increasing across the UK, American and Japanese markets, so the reclaimed cobbles are in short supply. Our supplier now sources from across Europe, often lifting whole streets during rejuvenation and tramway projects.

Vintage Fraser Nash on Vintage reclaimed cobbles
A vintage 1930’s Fraser Nash BMW on a vintage 200 sq metre bed of French cobbles in St Brelade. We were delighted to supply the cobbles for this prestigious residential project.
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Jersey Bricks

Replica Traditional Jersey Bricks

160 years ago, Jersey was home to a thriving brick making industry. Local builders used Jersey bricks in their millions to construct homes and landmark buildings of the day.

Sadly, these original bricks are increasingly difficult to find for recycling. However, we have found an amazing source to replicate historic hand made Copps, Champions, De La Mare’s and Le Hucquet’s Jersey bricks exclusively for us.

Our customers have already used thousands of our replicas around the island on restoration projects as well as for new-build extensions, fireplaces, floors, chimneys and barbecues. It’s great to see bullnose bricks looking just as they did in the 18th and 19th centuries atop new and old granite walls. The replicas are fully frost resistant and F2 rated.

Traditional Bullnose Copp Brick Jersey
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Hardwood Sleepers

Gardening / Landscaping Hardwood Railway Sleepers

We supply hardwood sleepers, beams and planking to builders, gardening contractors and the DIY market in Jersey.

Over the last few years, our hardwood sleepers have graced many local projects. They are ideal for raised garden beds, edgings and landscaping where longevity and reliability are important. We source all of our timbers from sustainable forests.

Azobe Sleepers Now Available in Jersey

As an alternative to French ‘green oak’ sleepers, we now also offer Azobe hardwood sleepers from FSC certified forests in West Africa. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international, non-profit organisation promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.

Azobe, often referred to as ‘ironwood’, is extremely durable. It is said to be the hardest industrially-used wood in the world.

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