Jersey Bricks

150 years ago, Jersey was home to a thriving brick making industry. Local builders used these bricks in their millions to construct homes and landmark buildings of the day.

Sadly, these original bricks are increasingly difficult to find for recycling. However, we have found an amazing source to replicate historic hand made Copps, Champions, De La Mare’s and Le Hucquet’s Jersey bricks exclusively for us.

Our customers have already used thousands of our replicas around the island on restoration projects as well as for new-build extensions, fireplaces, floors, chimneys and barbecues. It’s great to see bullnose bricks looking just as they did in the 18th and 19th centuries atop new and old granite walls. The replicas are fully frost resistant and F2 rated.

Current Pricing

  • Bullnose £2.50 each or 10p discount each per pallet of 612
  • Standard £1.40 each or 10p discount each per pallet of 612

Contact us to confirm availability, pricing and quantity discounts for your project